5 Important Steps Before Studying Abroad

  • 5 Important Steps Before Studying Abroad
5 Important Steps Before Studying Abroad

Date: January 22nd 2018

Moving to a whole new country, even just for a semester, is a huge challenge.  Check out our list of 5 first steps to take before leaving to study abroad, so nothing important slips through the cracks.

  1. Make sure you have insurance.


The last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign country with no way to deal with any medical issues that may arise.  Just to be safe, consider investing in travel insurance — or, find an overseas policy for your existing health insurance.  


health insurrance


  1. Learn about the currency before you get there.


It’s just one less thing to worry about if you don’t need to stop and puzzle over strange coins with a line of strangers behind you every time you go to buy something.  Be prepared! You and everyone around you will appreciate it.


  1. Research the culture.


The best way to learn is by doing, so you’ll probably learn more from just being there than you could ever find online.  That being said, it’s good to know a little about the customs and the people before you get there, just so you have some background.


  1. Know what to do in an emergency.


Find out where your embassy is, stash some emergency money, keep a map on you that doesn’t require an Internet connection, and make sure you have a convenient way to get in touch with your people back home.  It’s always smart to have a safety net.


  1. Remember to prepare for actual studying.


Yes, this will probably be the most fun you have at school, but it will still be school.  Don’t let yourself get too carried away by the novelty of your surroundings.  The best way to be proud of your semester abroad is to do all the fun stuff and still manage to keep your grades up and your degree on track.  


Now get out there! And if you’ve studied abroad, let us know if we forgot any other important details. Leave your information in our contact form, and one of our colleagues will get to you shortly.

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In Veritas we take pride in providing our students not only with an incredible academic experience but also a cultural and traveling adventure.


"I became way more curious about the world, I want to travel more now, I want to meet more people, learn more things, and I’ve made a lot of friends both Costa Rican and American and from all over the world"

- Wendell Kirkman | Indiana State University -