Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at VERITAS UNIVERSITY

Date: July 12th 2019


 It is very satisfying to VERITAS UNIVERSITY to offer the course Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in a country like Costa Rica. The economy of Costa Rica is a young economy in evolution; composed of many small and medium companies. This causes entrepreneurship to plays a predominant role in its economic development. There are in Costa Rica many examples of small businesses and successful entrepreneurial efforts.


The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management course will provide the students with the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. It will also prepare students for career opportunities in small businesses including nonprofit organizations. This course develops student abilities in evaluating small business ideas and market opportunities, technical and management skills, and understanding the resources necessary to start a business. 



Small business (Microenterprise management) has a special nature concerning financial and administrative capabilities. The students will get the managerial skills to organize the small business, limited resources management from the viewpoint of cost management and the maximum utility of these resources are included. The students will have the opportunity to visit several successful local small businesses and interact with their owners. 


For the students, it will be a very satisfying experience to acquire certain specific skills and competences and at the same time, interact with Costa Rican entrepreneurs who are the founders of small businesses. It will be very interesting for the student to interact with entrepreneurs from another culture. 



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In Veritas we take pride in providing our students not only with an incredible academic experience but also a cultural and traveling adventure.


"I became way more curious about the world, I want to travel more now, I want to meet more people, learn more things, and I’ve made a lot of friends both Costa Rican and American and from all over the world"

- Wendell Kirkman | Indiana State University -