Finding what Pura Vida means to you… – by Mary Claire Kramer

  • Finding what Pura Vida means to you… – by Mary Claire Kramer
Finding what Pura Vida means to you… – by Mary Claire Kramer

Date: October 9th 2017

-Hola, cómo está?

-Pura Vida

A typical Costa Rican greeting that boggled my mind at first. It seemed unauthentic for people to respond with “pure life” when asked how they were doing. Therefore, I made it my goal to find my meaning to Pura vida. In the beautiful country of Costa Rica, this was not a challenge.

It was a spur of the moment decision to throw my hammock into my already packed suitcase. I figured that I probably would not have the chance to enjoy it, or that it would be a hassle to put up each time I wanted to use it. Thankfully with the adjustment of a few clothes, and the removal of an unnecessary sweatshirt, my Eno hammock fit perfectly.

On the average weekend in Costa Rica, you can find me tied between two trees staring out at the gorgeous views that each destination has to offer. Every new place that we go, I look for two trees just the right distance apart so that I can hang my hammock. My level of relaxation reaches an all time high as I cocoon myself into the fabrics folds. As friends pass by, they join me for a swing and we allow ourselves to be in the moment enjoying our surreal surroundings. To me, the hammock life is the true physical embodiment of “Pura Vida”.

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- Wendell Kirkman | Indiana State University -