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Service Sector Management

Services industry development


This course will introduce the student to the services industry activity as a separate and distinct management area. It will make the student aware of its powerful influence in competitive markets. The course complements essential marketing and marketing strategy courses by focusing on problems and strategies specific to the services' activity. Specifically, we will focus our attention on understanding four main areas: the service experience and the unique characteristics of services, the satisfaction of service customers and the need to integrate marketing, human resources, and operations within the service, and the importance of customer management. We will discuss strategies used by successful service marketers. The emphasis in the course will be on service in general rather than on any particular industry. It is designed not just for students who want to pursue a career in services industries but also in promising industries with service components. The students will have the opportunity to visit several projects related to the service industry, such as Amazon and Hallett Packard, located in Costa Rica's Free Zones.


MGMT 3000




Fall, Spring, Summer I


3 credits / 48 contact hours


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