Permaculture Internship




4 week minimum



Non just buildings or gardens make a sustainable project, but also the invisible web behind them: organization, education, finance, communications. Nature has many pattern from which to learn from. These patterns can be scaled and adapted to many of the ecological and social challenges we face in today’s world. This program is designed to teach the basic concepts of Permaculture, a design system that empowers people and communities to live in a regenerative way, with nature. Students will have the opportunity to learn the academic scientific basis, learn of basic practices and step into an actual Permaculture farm. Any student with interest in working with living beings and systems, learning with animal, plants or insects is welcome. Our internship / service learning assignments allow students to collaborate with all the stakeholders of these projects. This service learning is both theoretical and practical.

General Objective:

The students will learn all the basic concepts of Permaculture plus the applied practices of a running Permaculture farm.

Additional Info:Full Internship in Permaculture related projects Total Contact Hours: 120 per month (30 hours per week) Minimum internship assignment is 4 weeks.

Internship Code:

INTERN-4W: 120 hours

INTERN-8W: 240 hours

INTERN-12W: 360 hours

INTERN-16W: 480 hours


ENV 2500: Introduction to Genetics: Current Applications

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ENV 3005: Environmental Impact and Social Development

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ENV 3044: Tropical Ecology

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ENV 3100: Tropical Birds (Tropical Ornithology)

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"I became way more curious about the world, I want to travel more now, I want to meet more people, learn more things, and I’ve made a lot of friends both Costa Rican and American and from all over the world"

- Wendell Kirkman | Indiana State University -