SUSD 3100: Gender and Sustainable Development


SUSD 3100




Summer I, Summer II, Fall, Spring,






$ USD 1030

This course will study the intersection between gender, socioeconomic discrimination and sustainable development. We will discuss numerous topics, including women and natural resources, women and forests, women’s role in conservation, women and land use/agriculture, rural women, women and the built environment, women and environmental policy, women in relation to poverty, disaster risk and mitigation, adaption for climate change, female civil society and political actors pushing for change, women in the environment, and sustainable innovations.

These issues will be explored in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean, with special emphasis on the Costa Rican context where possible. Students will be encouraged to compare the region with experiences in their home land, and will be strongly encouraged to critically assess advancements and challenges—and propose solutions. We will work with local women in the community and gain hands-on practical experience during farm and forest project work. Student’s will conduct surveys, develop in research projects and participate in two field trips to help them better understand the dynamics and complexities of gender and sustainable development.

The issue of gender will be thoroughly introduced, including gender dynamics and gender-related policy. There will be a special emphasis on the situation of Latin American and Caribbean women, the environment, and sustainable development; however, this course aims to beinclusive, and recognizes that there are many gender identities, and that gender issues touch all of our lives. Throughout the course, students are welcome to participate and study the environment and sustainable development from the perspective of any and all gender identities, becoming active participants in the unravelling and improvement of sustainable development itself.


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"I became way more curious about the world, I want to travel more now, I want to meet more people, learn more things, and I’ve made a lot of friends both Costa Rican and American and from all over the world"

- Wendell Kirkman | Indiana State University -