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A molecular biology laboratory for research and conservation

The BIOMOL is focused on the application of genetic approaches to address research questions on population ecology, evolution, and conservation of vertebrates and invertebrates in Costa Rica. Our research has an emphasis on aquatic animals, particularly species of conservation and management concern such as sharks, rays, sea turtles and invertebrates.





Conservation of birds and sloths

Our institution collaborates with partners nationwide in a population genetics study focused...

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Genetic identification of species involved in the illegal trade

In order to support and strengthen national and international regulations pertaining to...

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Conservation genetics of marine species

At the BIOMOL laboratory, we are actively involved in various projects centered...

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BIOMOL Lab Coordinator

M.Sc. Mariana Elizondo Sancho

Mariana is the BIOMOL Lab coordinator and also professor of various courses in the Center for International Programs. Her main research focuses on population genetics of the critically endangered scalloped hammerhead shark. Contact her with questions about internships, service learning and how you can get involved in our ongoing research projects.