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Sometimes you need a break from heavy academic loads to regain momentum, refocus, gain strength to continue your higher education degree, and gain new perspectives about your path and development.

Did  you  know that Faculty sometimes take a leave or break from teaching to study, travel, or research for personal development? Students sometimes also need a break to reassess their well-being and connect with their inner needs. The Wellbeing Sabbatical is a program to balance the benefits of traveling to another country and engaging in light academic activity, personal coaching, and lots of activities to immerse in self-discovery and adventure.
Universidad Veritas has partnered with the Supportive Immersion Institute to offer a program that balances a very light academic load with coaching sessions, extracurricular activities, intercultural immersion, and adventure.
During the sabbatical, there is one required “core” course that all students will take: Sustainable Lifestyles: 9 dimensions of Healthy Living (4 credits). Besides this, students can choose a flexible schedule of activities, service, coaching sessions, dance, yoga, cooking, and Costa Rica exploration.

Logistics & HOUSING



Universidad Veritas and our partner, Supportive Immersion Institute, have created the Wellbeing Study Abroad Sabbatical,  not as a therapeutic program. If you are struggling with substance abuse, mood disorders, personality disorder, suicidal ideation, or similar challenges, we recommend you seek an appropriate environment to address your needs. If in doubt, you can talk to our mental health advisors at either organization to assess if this program is suitable for you.

Students can choose a flexible schedule of activities, services, coaching sessions, dance, yoga, cooking, and Costa Rica exploration activities.

These are different components of this well-being experience and program you can mix and match

Sustainable Lifestyles: 9 dimensions of Healthy Living

This course offers a light academic load while providing essential tools to...

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Coaching Sessions & Your Growth Plan

As part of the course, you will benefit from individual and group...

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Activities and Country Exploration

Wellness is often associated with invigorating nature retreats, rejuvenating yoga classes, and...

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Housing and Logistics

In San Jose, we have a long-standing relationship with many homestay families...

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Ground transportation logistics

During the enrollment process, we offer assistance in arranging airport pickup services...

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Program budget & optional components

Consider enrolling in the essential Wellbeing Student Sabbatical program to create a...

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