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Housing and Logistics


In San Jose, we have a long-standing relationship with many homestay families who have worked with Veritas for years. We take great care in selecting new families, conducting personal interviews, and ensuring their accommodations meet our high standards through home visits. Our evaluation process for homestay accommodations includes various factors, such as proximity to the university campus, the overall neighborhood environment, appearance, cleanliness, size of the home, student accommodations, and living space. On the other hand, homestays in Atenas offer a unique cultural experience, immersing you in Costa Rican family customs in smaller towns and rural areas. All our host families undergo regular training throughout the year, and should any issues arise, our onsite psychologist is available for support. You have the freedom to choose where you'd like to set your base and experience, and if you wish, you can even combine both San Jose and Atenas to get a taste of both town settings. In San Jose, your homestay includes a private room, breakfast, and dinner provided daily, with weekly laundry service. For lunch during the week, you can buy it at the campus cafeteria or nearby cafes for $7-$10. All host families are conveniently located within walking distance (less than 2 kilometers) from the campus. Moreover, Veritas offers a free shuttle service for students with evening classes or extracurricular activities, ensuring safety. If you choose to stay with a Host Family in Atenas, you can travel to San Jose on the days of your course and also participate in other rural activities happening in Atenas. This way, you enjoy the best of both worlds and make the most of your study abroad experience with Veritas.




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