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Living with a host family is the easiest way for students to experience Costa Rican culture and practice their Spanish. Our homestays tend to be one of the main highlights of studying abroad at LCI Veritas.

Homestay Families

LCI Veritas takes great pride in its long-standing relationships with many of our dedicated homestay families, some of whom have been working with us for several years. When selecting new families to join our program, each one undergoes a rigorous and personal interview process conducted by our staff. Furthermore, we conduct thorough home visits to ensure that the accommodations meet our high standards.

Our evaluation process for homestay accommodations involves considering several key factors. These include the proximity of the home to the university, the overall neighborhood environment, the appearance and cleanliness of the house, its size and suitability for hosting students, as well as the living space available for the students. However, most importantly, we place significant emphasis on the family’s genuine motivation for wanting to host study abroad students. We believe that a welcoming and nurturing environment is vital for the students’ overall experience and academic success.

To maintain the quality of our homestay program, Veritas invests in continuous training for all our host families. Throughout the year, they undergo various training modules that enable them to offer the best possible support to their student guests. Additionally, in case any issues arise, we provide our host families with the opportunity to meet with an onsite psychologist, ensuring a comprehensive support system for both the students and the families.

Overall, at Veritas, we strive to create a warm and inclusive environment for our study abroad students, fostering meaningful connections between students and their host families to make their experience truly unforgettable.


At Veritas, students enjoy the comfort of a private room and receive daily breakfast and dinner. A convenient weekly laundry service is provided, and lunch can be easily purchased on or near campus for $5-$10. All host families live within walking distance (less than 2 kilometers) from campus, ensuring easy access. Additionally, we offer a free shuttle service for students with evening classes or extracurricular activities to support their safe transportation. The safety and well-being of our students are top priorities.

To stay with a host family, simply specify your preference in the application and fill out the housing form. We will do our best to match you with a welcoming host family to make your study abroad experience truly memorable.

Logistics & homestay coordinator

Sonia Gamboa

Contact Sonia Gamboa, our Logistics and Homestay Coordinator at the Center for International Programs, with questions about homestay, airport pick-up, and excursions to see the country.