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Study abroad at VERITAS

Education abroad programs at Veritas are more than just learning platforms. Each program is a wholesome experience that combines cultural integration, personal growth, language learning, and developing knowledge on global issues.

Experience the number one Study Abroad destination in Latin America at the top Host Institution in the country.

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Courses Taught in English

Courses 100% taught in English that include many different areas to accommodate to your field of study

Courses Taught in Spanish

Learn, improve and/or continue your Spanish as a Second Language learning program.


We offer DELE exam preparation courses and examinations. We are an official DELE examination center.

Field Courses

Hands-on, short-term field courses in different areas, perfect for experiential learning.


We offer credit-awarding internships in different areas and with different organizations across Costa Rica.


Courses Taught in English

We offer a variety of courses taught in English with no Spanish proficiency requirement to accommodate the different students’ academic requirements better and help ensure credit transferability. We have different areas to choose from for both Semester and Summer courses, ranging from 48 class contact hours to 60 class contact hours (most of these include field trips to enhance the course’s learning outcomes). The different academic areas taught in English include Biology & Environmental Sciences, History, Sociology & Politics, Business & Economics, Arts & Humanities, Wellness & Psychology, and Sustainability. In addition, you can filter courses taught in English in the COURSES section.


Courses Taught in Spanish

We have different types of courses that are taught in Spanish. These include Spanish Language Learning Courses (levels basic, intermediate, advanced), Study with Locals (which includes different courses taught in Spanish taken with local students in regular degree programs), Spanish Literature & Linguistic courses (for students with an advanced level), Specialty Spanish Language Learning courses for specific areas like Spanish for Health Professions, Spanish for Law Enforcement Professions, Spanish for Hospitality & Recreation Professions, and Spanish for Business Professions.  You can filter your choice in the COURSES section under ACADEMICS.



These are short-term (typically 2-3 weeks plus, in some cases an online component) field intensive courses where students spend most of the academic experience learning in the lab or on the field. Students get to experience different areas, environments, microclimates, species, activities, and rural communities during these weeks. It is typically a very academic and culturally rewarding experience for the students that choose this modality.  You can look at our Field Courses offerings in the “courses section” by applying the Field Courses filter.



We offer credit awarding internships, typically 8, 12, or 16 weeks long. These International Transformative Internships integrate technical field outcomes of cross-cultural intelligence and personal growth as part of a holistic and transformative experience. Thus, candidates cannot only gain technical knowledge in specific areas but also expand their global dexterities by increasing awareness of the implications and applications of intercultural work settings taking as a central reference their own culture. These internships tend to be Co-Op managed internships with shared responsibility between the students, a field supervisor with knowledge in that specific area, and an intercultural academic advisor facilitating intercultural dexterity and personal development throughout the process. You can look at our Internship offerings in the “courses section” under ACADEMICS by applying the Internship filter.   

For more info, contact our Academic Coordinator Pamela Badilla:

Veritas Study Abroad Hybrid Participation modality and our Online Orientation Course

Choose the best option for you to participate in a wholesome international experience. The best way to guarantee a successful experience is to prepare!


Veritas Study Abroad Hybrid Participation modality and our Online Orientation Course

The silver linings of 2020 were the opportunity to train our Staff and Faculty to offer a dynamic remote learning environment. Students can now opt to attend on-campus programs and have the total immersion cultural experience or opt to enroll as a complete online international student taking courses in a remote modality. To prepare our students for either participation modality, we have structured an Online Veritas Study Abroad orientation course that students can access when they enroll in any of our programs. All essential elements needed to prepare for their international Costa Rica experience are covered through videos, infographics, and fun interactions.


For more information on our logistics and program design support for faculty led, potential partnerships and/or custom programs please fill out the following form.


We focus on creating a wholesome Study Abroad experience and letting our students know that their safety, fulfillment, and growth are our priority.


For more information about any of our programs, calendar, fees, services and partnerships please contact us


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we can help you plan your program and support all objectives


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Cultural Integration


Adventure Office for country experience



For more information about any of our programs, calendar, fees, services, and partnerships please contact us


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