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Here’s Why You Need to Study Abroad

The decision to study abroad pretty much sells itself, (an excuse to live in a different country for a few months, gaining a world-class education and new cultural/social experiences all at once?) but just in case you need more convincing, here are our top reasons why you really need to study abroad.  

  1. Learn a new language, in the country that invented it.
    Let’s be honest, your high school language class may have prepared you for a situation where you’re lost in a foreign country and really need to find a bathroom or the library, but there’s no denying that the best way to learn a new language is to be completely immersed in it.  A semester or two abroad guarantees that you’ll go home with a much better grasp on the language you’re surrounded by.


  1.   Meet new people, try new things.
    Your friends are great, but the world is huge and there are billions of people out there that you might be amazingly compatible with — how will you know if you never seek them out?  Studying abroad is an opportunity to meet people you never would otherwise, and with them, have experiences you never would otherwise.


  1.   Increase your job prospects.
    Time spent in a culture different from yours will look good on a resumé, and the unforgettable life experience you’ll gain will help groom you for a wide range of employment opportunities.  Who knows? Maybe at the end of your term abroad, you’ll want to stay and apply for a work visa.  The possibilities are endless when you open yourself to change.


  1.  Become your own person.
    The forced independence of traveling by yourself is extremely valuable and learning to make your own way in a town/city/country where you don’t know anyone is an amazing accomplishment.  Even if you’re only away from home for a few weeks or months, studying in a foreign country means having to create a routine and a life for yourself almost from scratch.  We promise, you’ll be so self-sufficient and confident by the end of it, you’ll be able to do anything.If you are ready to study abroad, let us know! Leave your information in our contact form, and one of our colleagues will get back to you shortly.

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