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Program budget & optional components


You can enroll in the essential Wellbeing Student Sabbatical program to structure a personal growth plan: Registration: US$195 Course tuition and Individual Coaching Sessions: $1,370 Didactic Materials: $95 Homestay 84 days (12 weeks) $38 per night, includes daily breakfast, dinner, and once-a-week laundry: $3,192 Optional Program add-ons for students who might need to maintain full-time status for financial aid: Spanish language morning course: $850 Afternoon English-taught elective 3 or 4 credit course: $835 - $1070 Contact us to work out your budget with you.




Sustainable Lifestyles: 9 dimensions of Healthy Living

This course will provide a light academic load and tools critical to...

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Coaching Sessions & Your Growth Plan

You will have individual and group coaching sessions to go over some...

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Activities and Country Exploration

We often associate wellness with inspiring nature retreats, restorative yoga classes, healthy...

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