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Mural Painting and Public Art

Large format of art for public spaces


This studio art course introduces theoretical, conceptual, and practice-based aspects of public art, mural painting, and other related media. It focuses on art as research, as a way of knowing and thinking through creating. The course combines theory and practice sessions reviewing different movements and styles. The course integrates an intensive design and conceptualization process with a large-scale mural painting practicum, serving both as a professional and social practice. It also includes techniques such as drawing, experimental media, and interdisciplinary practice. Students will be able to conceptualize and present their public art proposals, both visually, orally, and in writing. This course aims to explore and develop their ideas visually and interrogate the impact of public art in communities based on context and site-specificity. In terms of skills, it will enable students to control scale, color, elements of form, specific techniques, and safety measures aimed at public spaces. It will help them develop proposals into actual projects. They will also experiment with digital tools such as projectors and software to present sketches and final proposals. The course incorporates a social outreach component by conducting a collective mural as a donation to a community.


ART 2130




Fall, Spring, Summer I


4 credits / 60 contact hours


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