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International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms

Exploring the UN protection mechanisms


This class studies the concept of human rights as it is known and protected in the United Nations System. These different organizations make the UN System and their relationship together. The class starts with a general introduction to Human Rights and the United Nations Organizations paving the path to mechanisms and instruments making part or related to United Nations Organization. Then, we will briefly examine each organization, section, and system called the UN System and its mission, vision, and area of expertise. After constructing the concepts for the class, the course will emphasize a practical understanding of how the well-known UN central bodies, including charter-based and treaty-based bodies, work. In so doing, a significant part of the class will be role-playing by students under the supervision and facilitation of the professor. The course is designed to open a space for students to experientially learn the function of the United Nations System and the mechanisms by which human rights are intended to be protected in international law. This course suits students from various degrees, such as international relations, political science, international organizations, human rights, international law, or any other students interested in and enthusiastic about knowing more about how the UN works and what it does.


POL 3500




Fall, Spring, Summer II


3 credits / 48 contact hours


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International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms

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