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Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice

Principles for discovering creativity


This course is designed for beginner students to find personal meaning in works of art and develop a better understanding of art's nature and validity as visual and space language (line, shape, volume, light, space, time, motion, color, and texture). It means that students will learn about the essentials of art through experience and experimentation. Determination and an open mind will increase creativity and discover more exciting ways to understand and judge the visual arts. Emphasis is on the diversity of form and content in the artwork. With the willingness to work and an open mind, experiences in this class will be memorable positively. Upon completion, students should understand the basics of art materials used and have a basic overview of the history of art and how art represents its society, especially Latin American culture. Students will learn what art history from different cultures looks like and what it represents through the diverse visual culture conventions and the ability to discuss cultures' relationship to their art. Besides learning the different ways, art represents objects, spaces, ideas, and emotions.


ART 2100




Fall, Spring


3 credits / 48 contact hours


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