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International Relations in Latin America

Global politics and relations


This course will review the history of International Relations between the US and Latin America, highlighting the most critical facts that mark the Region's politics for the current era. • To analyze tensions between sovereign rule and foreign hegemony, class struggle and oligarchical domination, the rise and fall of Imperialism and military interventions, corporate banking, national and foreign investments. We will study examples of diverse economic systems, conservative ethnic and cultural resistance to change, and totalitarian, liberal, and socialist revolutionary change. • From the historical background of human settlements in the Western Hemisphere, Pre-Columbian Tribal and Imperial societies, the formation of modern Nation-States, and the complex International World Organizations. • Current events, the Cold War, the military dictatorships, and other Latin American political phenomena, such as integration, migration, and their effects on drugs, terror, and US politics. The course will close with an evaluation of the popularity of governments in the Region, present-day relations with China and Russia, and globalization in the global scenario.


POL 3450




Fall, Spring, Summer II


3 credits / 48 contact hours


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