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LGBTQ Diversity and Sexual Identity in Latin America

Diversity in Latin America


This course will study the LGBTQI+ community and related social issues in the Latin American Context. Special attention will be given to the Costa Rican case study where sexuality, identity, expression, health, community, family, and other social, political, and lifestyle issues will be discussed. This course offers students one of the only opportunities to study LGBTQ+ Latin American dynamics and issues. It is one of its kind in the region and a pioneering offer for study abroad students in the Costa Rican setting. This is a young but growing field of study in Latin America and deserves much attention. The Latin American region is home to some of the most homophobic countries globally and at the same time undergoing a radical change in terms of its acceptance of the complete spectrum of sexuality and identity expression. This course has three main objectives: 1) students will be invited to explore LGBTQI+ Latin American community issues, 2) to appreciate how particular countries are advancing with equality before the law while studying the social groups pushing for change, and 3) critically assessing present-day contexts struggling with recently developed antidiscriminatory frameworks.


SOCY 3050




Fall, Spring, Summer II


3 credits / 48 contact hours


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