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Sustainable Development and Environmental Awareness

Theory, practices and impact


At the end of the 1980s, the world began to analyze that economic development had irreversible consequences on the environment. Natural resources were being destroyed too fast, and the socioeconomic gap was getting bigger and bigger. At that moment, the concept of sustainable development arises, and the world began to work to achieve the balance between economic development, social equity, and ecosystem conservation for present and future generations on a global scale. Costa Rica is well known for its conservation policies, and it intends to apply sustainable development concepts according to international agreements. The country has been a global leader in implementing measures related to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Good practices and aspects of improving at the national level will be analyzed. This course integrates theoretical knowledge, history, and trends on a national and global scale with practical activities, which allow people to understand the edges of sustainable development. The student develops the ability to integrate social, economic, and environmental aspects to analyze and solve issues, considering sustainable development goals. The course includes a discussion of current events, case studies, hands-on activities, and field trips. Together, all these experiences sensitize the students to build a better world, not only on a large scale but also, even more importantly, in personal ways.


ENV 4040




Fall, Spring, Summer II


4 credits / 60 contact hours


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